Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Work, Men at Work and Cuddly Men

A friend e-mailed me and asked me why I never mentioned anything about my work. After all, according to that sex maniac, in my job, I have to travel very frequently and get to meet lots of hot twinks and hunks of all races, most of them in their prime from the early 20's to the late 30's and, even more importantly, usually in all-male environments :-)

Just in case anyone start thinking otherwise - no, no I am not a travelling masseur for sportsmen :-)

Frankly speaking, I do not really want to write about my work - as the second I am out of my working environment; I do not want to have to think about it. Writing about it makes me feel like I am working on my days-off!

Many of my gay friends think that it has to be incredibly erotic to live and work with so many men for weeks on end. It can be but usually at the end of the work day, all you want to do is to sit down, eat, relax, have a drink and then go to sleep - too tired to think of sex.

While many of the men are really attractive and some are available, most of us are friends and colleagues and the thoughts of having any erotic flings with them seems a but weird :-) Amongst the PLUs, there had been the occasional hanky-pankies and ONS but these happened away from work, usually on R&R :-) AFAIK, no LTRs developed from these encounters :-) Most of the time, we just treat our eyes to the soothing views of various gay and straight eye candies on display in various stages of undress.

I wonder if anyone knows where are the workplaces I referred to are! Enough of work.

Last week, Microsoft sent to my office a brochure for Mail Solution Express and it looked like a photo holder from the printing shop.
I was going to dump it when I flicked it open and boy, did I hit jackpot - the very first advert has a model that is ABSOLUTELY my TYPE ......

I almost got instant orgasm! I wonder who is the model! Oooo - I love cuddly men like him!!!


At 5:16 PM, Blogger ça va pas la tête said...

ahem ahem then i am offering to be cuddled. LOL


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