Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Rare ....

Was in downtown KL yesterday for a meeting and since I was there, went to look for DVDs. Most mainstream films and TV series on DVDs are easily available but gay/lesbian movies and TV serials are pretty rare in almost all video outlets in Malaysia.

There is, however, one shop (I believe it is a gay-owned biz) that does carry lots of G/L movies (not talking of porn!). Many of the G&L titles carried by Wolfe, Amazon, Strand Releasing, etc are available there .... it is a true blessing as otherwise we will never get to see all the alternative movies we read about.

So after collecting my loot of gay DVDs, it was just a short walk to JOGOYA at STARHILL where I arranged to meet HIM for dinner. HIM had not been there before but I had for a couple of biz dinners with my clients.

According to the blurb, Jogoya KL is :

"Japanese buffet at its most extravagant, with the freshest of seafood, tempura, sashimi and even cooked-on-demand fare brought straight to your table. At a reasonable buffet price the atmosphere is casual, relaxed and elegant.

K.L Jogoya, with its 580 seating. Chiang's vision for his restaurant chain to provide value-for money Japanese cuisine in an elegant setting. It may be buffet style he is offering but because the setting is upmarket and the food is abundant, fresh and quality stuff. "

Jogoya is a Taiwanese chain and it does live up to its blurb for fresh food and at very reasonable prices which is rare! Dinner is RM88++ pax and you can eat and drink as much as you want from 530 pm to 930 pm :-) So gorge yourselves there!

HIM and I met on the Fiesta Floor at the small seating area outside the restuarant. By 630 pm the place was pretty crowded and - and we headed straight for the fresh oysters, boiled crabs & prawns and fresh salmons and ...... :-P

Suffice to say there was a huge variety of food (raw/cooked) and drinks and I am not about to list out the food items we ate :-).

We left about 9 pm and walked back to the car - and on the way got accosted by a variety of men and women offering various "horse-killing-chicken" services ..... :-). I did try to hold hands with HIM during the short walk but HIM was too shy to let me hang on :-)

Back at home, we saw that our area got hit by a not-so-rare thunderstorm, our house alarm was beeping ...... and our flowers got battened down by the heavy rain ... and a whole lot of unripe mangoes were scatterred over the garden. Luckily, all the mangoes may not be wasted - can still make pickles or Thai mango kerabu.

Sigh, a lot more work needs to be done in the garden at the weekend.

Another day .... but before the end of the evening, HIM worked extra hard :-) to make up for not holding hands with me earlier!


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