Friday, June 02, 2006

Flying, Food and Men

The unappetizing clumps they call airline food made me wondered if it would make my stomach churned. Right, I was writing this on a domestic flight to Kuching - the food was a typical concoction that was supposed to suit all taste and ended up a mess neither here nor there.

Obviously I was bored by the food - so looking at men was the obvious thing to while away the time.

That got me thinking......

On domestic flights, virtually none of the air stewards are anything to shout about - obviously the 'choicer' guys are on the international sectors!

One does get the occasional cute ones on domestic flights – note I wrote cute ones. You don't see hunks ever - never - not even on the international flights. Hunks probably took up too much space. Obviously, given a choice, in an emergency, I would have preferred to be carried out of the plane by some hunky air steward, or be wrecked on a deserted island with a hunk and not some small slim guy who looks like I will have to carry out of the plane instead in a rescue! The sad thing is that many of our Malaysian air stewards nowadays are just too 'petite' to even lift a notebook and load it into the overhead cabin! I have seen some struggling with small bags - bags I can lift with my small finger (or even you know what!). Sigh...

No good food, no sexy or hunky stewards, the only entertainment left besides reading is to browse through the in-flight 'catalogues' of men. I wrote 'catalogues' as when seated in the rows of seats, they are just like the rows of mug shots you see on those online dating websites!
Just pretend that you are browsing such sites, only difference is that you do not get to read their stats - not that online personal stats are really not figments of imagination!

Frequently, one sees the 'ONE' - a superhunk or supertwink eye candy! More often than not he is also superstraight - for display only, no touching. So you walk up and down the aisle flaunting your assets, if you have them (otherwise, tough luck) and see if you can catch some eye candy's eye.

Cruising does work - not all the time, but it really does work, especially on not-so-full long distance flights - horny males are available for quickies! On short domestic flights, obviously, the deed will be upon disembarkation - have a quick one and then collect the baggage!

KLIA is obviously better - they have clean restrooms near the baggage collection area and there is plenty of time to enjoy a quickie or two while waiting for the baggage :-)


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