Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Men of the Night Markets

The recent stormy and wet weather have not been kind to my garden and I had washed-out bare patches, battened-down flower beds and lost fruits.

Of course, such weather is also not conducive to any night market activities.

Night Markets (or pasar malam) are to be found all over Malaysia and here, in Petaling Jaya, there is one every night but in different suburbs of the city (or to be precise, a city only on 20th June). For example, on Monday, the big one is at SS2, Wednesday at Lembah Subang, on Thursday at Cheow Yang, on Sunday at Paramount Gardens and so on.

Of course, in Malaysia, the ultimate pasar malam and the only one famous worldwide is on every night in Chinatown’s Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur. For those looking for more visual details on this place, you have to visit TV Smith’s EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY where there is an excellent photo essay on Petaling Street.

In general, the prices at pasar malam are not necessarily cheaper than in many local neighbourhood shops or in the big supermarkets but there is an element of fun and excitement to going to such markets compared to the local shops or supermarket.

For people like us, what are all the night markets if not for all those eye candies!!

Night markets are the ultimate place for eyeing men – old, young, big, small, muscular, chubby, skinny – you name it, they are there! It is an veritable feast for the eyes. For those of us living in Petaling Jaya, if you got a hankering for Malay guys, go to Lembah Subang and for Chinese guys, just go to SS2! However, you will find guys of every races at all these night markets and there is a preponderance of delectable young men!

However, for the ultimate display of eye candies where the bare-bodied men wore those low huggers, you have to go to Petaling Street – and then only at between 5 to 6 pm when the stall owners and helpers are setting up their stalls under the hot sun. These sweaty bare-chested guys with their glistening skin are a delight to watch and there are some eye-poppers with their low huggers so low one can see their pubes!

Still, all the night markets have their own charms and men – in SS2, at one corner fruit store, the young helper there is a sheer delight to watch as he flexes his supple firm body and at the fish stall further down the row, the young boss has a body one would like to lick all over – amidst all those fish! Then there is the guy at the vegetable stall who is so good looking I am not sure why he is not a film star! And so on and so forth….

Interestingly, one of my friends does his cruising at such places and had his successes – with shoppers and the stall owners/helpers alike. I know he told the truth because I have met him with one of the gorgeous stall helpers in a shopping mall!

I, on the other hand, just feast my eyes and salivate! Sigh ... all those delectable bodies and out of reach. My HIM with his automatic organic restrain keeps me on a short leash :-)