Monday, May 29, 2006

Day Dreams & More

I just started this new blog - and all I can think of right now, instead of writing my thoughts, is thinking of where and what to eat for dinner with HIM :-)

No, no - just food only - no sexy eats.

Maybe we can get something from the night market in SS2 in PJ this evening. Right now, I live in PJ with HIM - you know PJ is that small town about to be a city and which is totally lost inside a Greater Kuala Lumpur. I mean KL does not really stop at the Arch (ugly thing) but extends all the way to Subang. Boring stuff but when thinking of EATS, ah, PJ is good eats and cheap, too :-)

But how to feed a hungry HIM. I mean, I want HIM to be strong and healthy :-)

Back to eats - at the SS2 area, beside the weekly Monday night market with the myraids of food stalls with delicious food, there are all the small restuarants there.

We went to one last Friday evening - it was raining heavily. We were wet. We were cold (or rather the cold bit comes from the wet part!) amd we chance upon this new Italian Restaurant occupying one shotlot.

Very simply but nicely decorated - and very quiet - the heavy rain obviously kept all foodies at home! A quick flick though the menu got us what we wanted and the two of us shared the lot :-)

The bruschetta was delicious with the coarse-cut tomatoes and the flavoursome tangy balsamic vinegar. The clams and the chopped garlic in the sphagetti vongole were out of this world and I cleaned out the plates - every last morsel of the garlic (my POOR HIM!!!)! The pork sausages (oops, the restuarant is not kosher!) were made by the chef - the filling in the sausages was coarse-cut and meaty, not like many finely ground mush they call meat filling! We had a great tiramisu (it was not too sweet, just right!) and a complimentary pistachio ice cream (nice but I do not quite enjoy the slight "oily" taste from the pistachios) .....

If you feel hungry, try the BUONASERA. BTW, the chef used to work for the Aussie John Howard :-)

Oh heck, what was I doing - I should be thinking of food for tonight not think about the food last Friday. Hmm, it must the the afterglow from that evening afters that got me to think back to then :-)

Now, what to do dinner tonight? Maybe I should serve myself up on a platter :-)


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