Saturday, June 24, 2006

My Garden, KLCC, Food and Men (Part II)

Al Marjan offers both ala carte as well as a buffet at RM38++ pax which is a pretty low price for a restaurant buffet in KLCC.

There were three main parts to the buffet, the salads and starters, the main courses and the dessert - overall, the selection of foods looked rather limited. I always loved the salad section of any buffet and that evening was no exception. I loved the dips (tahini, amongst others). The main courses were disappointing to me, though HIM claimed that the Lamb Meatballs were excellent while I found the dish too gamey.

They also served fish and chips. I was pretty stunned at that but I presumed that this very English dish had probably made it into the cuisines of both Lebanon and Iran but I would hardly have considered it as part of the authentic Lebanese or Persian cuisines!! To be fair, though, the fish and chips were tasty - the fish was rather dryer and firmer/harder compared to the moist and flaky fish in a normal fish-n-chip platter while the chips had some spices added to make it more flavourful.

Next, the dessert - again, the choices were rather limited but there were a couple of interesting looking pudding, one of which was the rice and milk with chopped nuts, raisin and a kind of small reddish fruit, much like our Chinese wolfberry fruit (枸 杞).

Frankly speaking, anything with nuts (all nuts!) automatically fall under my category of "Food of Choice" :-) The small reddish dried fruits was pretty sour but it enhances the flavour of the pudding. I must admit that the pudding was very very good and I had seconds!

Finally, of course, Arabic coffee - served in a dainty little cup - and hence the sight that triggered off that section about the plant in my garden!

By then I was rather full and all in all, the meal was pretty scrumptious and good value for the money paid! On the men, there were a couple of very good looking waiters there and one, in particular, a tall fair Chinese guy, was exceptionally attractive :-)

When we finish dinner, we took a walk on the same floor and saw this big sign .....

I had written about ordering "a la carte men" in an earlier article "Mushrooms, Belly Buttons and Men". Maybe, finally, I could get a man baked to order !!! and I was telling HIM that maybe I can asked them to baked me some of his parts in case he wore them out and as a bonus, a clone of the Chinese waiter we saw at Al Marjan :-)

As we got nearer, I was half-fantasizing and half-expecting to see twinks in bakers hat and skimpy aprons doing the baking .......

Oh well, this being Malaysia, one had to make do with fantasy instead.


At 8:41 PM, Anonymous Kjell Glawischnig said...

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At 1:53 AM, Anonymous Jee said...

RM38 buffet in KLCC.. that's super cheap :o

At 9:29 AM, Blogger East-West said...

It is cheap but as I said, the choices are limited but sufficient :-)

At 10:07 AM, Anonymous littleguykitchen said...

Looks like we have something on common. Blog title has the word Little and we like foods :) I'm nearby KLCC though.

At 12:32 PM, Blogger East-West said...

Thanks for taking a look :-)

I have visted your blog "Little Guy, Big Kitchen" before and, LOL, I think I match all your interests except for maybe the editing part :-) I drooled over the food and cakes :-)

I love food/cakes but am not very patient with long cooking/baking processes, so can never be a first rate cook or baker!


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