Saturday, June 24, 2006

My Garden, KLCC, Food and Men (Part I)

At one corner of my garden, hidden amongst other taller and more showy plants, is a small beautiful foliage bush with shiny dark purplish-brown and green leaves. It has no flowers and apart from the very pleasing colours of the foliage it may as well be just be another plant except for a very interesting and probably unique leaf "extension" not seen in other foliage plants.

The tip of each and every leaf tapers into a long thin stem (or streamer) at the end of which is a small leaf whorl or "cup". Occasionally, you can see a drop of water inside the cup. This is not a pitcher cup plant as there are no insect-trapping features to be seen inside the cup and, to date, I have not been able to put a name to this plant. If someone knows the name of this plant, please do e-mail me! I would appreciate it very much.

I decided to write about this plant as I was sitting in a restaurant in KLCC!! Why would I be thinking of this plant? I walked pass it day in and day out and apart from admiring it as I walk by or when I water it, did not really think about it? What triggered this off?

Last Friday, after two meetings (lunchtime and afternoon) in the vicinity of KLCC, I decided to meet HIM there in the evening for dinner.

As usual, the KLCC concourse is an excellent area to look at men and, indeed, they are there - you get quick views of the many gorgeous hunks and twinks striddling purposefully across the concourse all looking busy and on important missions of their livee. One wonders if they ever stop to look around them!

So while waiting for HIM, with eye-candies wandering around, I was wondering where we should be going for dinner. KLCC, despite the many restaurants, is actually rather limited in some sense when it comes to good food. When HIM was working in this area before, we tried many of the restaurants here but eventually gravitated to restaurants outside of KLCC for our dinners!

When we met up, we decided to eat at Al Marjan which claimed to serve authentic Lebanese and Persian cuisines. I thought that was rather strange considering that Lebanon is on the Far West of the Middle East while Iran (Persia) is right to the east!

Having been to both countries, there are similarities in the cuisines of the various and disparate cultures of the Middle East but, why a restaurant combining Lebanese and Persian? Why not the more generic Middle Eastern?

Anyway, we were there to enjoy the food, not the wheres and whys of the cuisines!

(to be continued)


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