Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Landscape & Garden Festival

We went to the biennial exhibition on Landscape and Gardens the weekend before last.

It was a bright sunny day, no rain - it was brilliant weather for the stroll through the huge park. Of course, we went well-prepared with sun-shades, cap and cold water - even had the tiny folding umbrellas in case of rain!

Got there by 10 am and it was not yet very crowded - as the official opening was only on the next day - everything looked superb and all ready for the big day. This was probably the best time to see the displays.

The displays on the official opening might be better but the crowds would be horrendous and the days following would not be so nice as the plants and flowers wilted :-)

The show did have some interesting concepts for home gardens and public parks and gardens.

There was also a very nice public toilet conceptualised by the Sibu Municipal Council that blended into the surroundings trees and bushes.

Most people were not aware that it was a toilet!

I like some of the plants like this miniature banana plant ....
and this pitcher plant .... and this gorgrous bromeliad ......
And then I was looking into a small pond with water lilies :-)

There was an interesting display of rope art -
nice but not really one that would last for long in our weather and knowing the current state of the public parks in this country.

I had hoped to see more concepts of public gardens by those planning our parks that make use of the concept of "minimal care, maximum impact" to fit in with our city and town councils' philosophy of spending to create beautiful park but never ever follow up with proper maintenance!

Most of the garden concepts displayed required our local city and town councils to do more than dumping fertiliser and hosing down with water to maintain the garden! Sadly, Malaysians are not going to be able to enjoy such gardens except at exhibitions!

In some of the indoor exhibitions, this nice panel made from cabbages, star fruits, etc., made for an interesting layout!

In Malaysia, this is the largest such exhibition and held every two years and we simply do not have enough of such exhibitions. Most of our public parks and gardens are in a deplorable state - even the so-called Botanic Gardens in Penang is a sad display of neglect. One do not need to go far South to Singapore to see how well maintained are their public gardens and to feel the shame of the awful state of Malaysia's public parks and gardens!

Talking of exhibitions, the world's premier garden show has to be the Chelsea Flower Show. There you can really appreciate gardens is all its glory! When I was studying in London, it was certainly a show I looked forward to each time!

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At 12:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow gold opportunity!

At 8:53 PM, Blogger Derek said...

Hi there.

Really nice pics you have taken. You must be quite the expert in botany then. :P

At 11:18 PM, Blogger East-West said...

derak : LOL! I am no expert, just an amateur gardener :-), even better if someone is doing all the hard works and I enjoy the flowers!

At 4:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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