Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Back to Herbs ....

When I was away, a PLU trainee-TCM practitioner e-mailed me about the herb drinks that I was writing about earlier and wondering about the scientific name. He also told me that he is learning acupressure as well. I told him that I am can be a very willing subject :-)

Anyway, this young man got me the answer :-) It is called 红 田 乌 (hongtianwu) or Alternanthera Sessilis (L.) R Brex Roem & Schultes.

I am trying to grow it in my garden :-)

It had been claimed (I repeat, claimed) that this herb helps lower cholesterol level and to help blood circulation.

I have always been interested in local herbal remedies and some of the local Mandarin magazines on TCM and folk medicines are pretty good in providing names on the various plants which are not easily available from books.

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