Thursday, December 11, 2008

In Kuching ......

Back in Kuching - and as I move around, I wonder why I ever leave this place!!

Finally, managed to get my computer room up and running properly with all my desktops and other paraphernalia. I was and am never comfortable working on a laptop!

Actually I have been back since the 25th of October and stayed overnight with my brother before moving into my new house the next day .... an empty house devoid of furniture and cooking utensils! Of course, we did managed to borrow some necessities (like mattresses, kettle, etc) from my brother and also bought some basic things needed to keep us going until the arrival of our two container loads of household effects from Petaling Jaya.

With a new large garden, I can now indulge in creating a new "A Little Space" of a garden for myself.

More later on the horrors of frustrations of waiting for the badly delayed arrival of my household effects!