Thursday, September 04, 2008

Leaving for Sarawak

After some 20 years of living in this house in PJ, I am now packing to move and will be leaving this little space of my garden behind - feeling really sad but also very excited as I will be moving to my new house in Kuching that comes with a large space for my garden!

Sad to be leaving, not just for the friends and the garden I leave behind but also that most of the some 20-years old trees and plants I have been nurturing so lovingly may be cut down and destroyed by the new owners to make way for parking space, etc.

The new house in Kuching is almost ready. It is a single story building of some 5,500 square feet designed such that every room in the house faces the garden - some on one side, some on two sides while my main living room will be surrounded by gardens on three and a half sides!

I will be starting on a blank new garden - in fact, nearly 8,000 square feet of empty space to work with! There should not be any more groans of insufficient space!!

Packing will take me another three to four weeks - and I expect to ship everything over there by mid-October. Meanwhile, it is rounds and rounds of shopping - especially IKEA :-)

More about the new house and garden later!



At 9:56 AM, Blogger Bard Girl said...

The new place sounds great overlooking the garden. I wish I had a green thumb but mine is probably more black than green.


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