Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Tudors

Has any one of you watched The Tudors with an absolutely dishy eye candy (and no doubt delicious) Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Henry VIII! This DVD boxed set is widely available.

From younger days of studying literature, I would have been so much more interested if the paintings of Henry the VII showed him looking like Jonathan Rhys Meyers instead of the portly (veering towards obesity) images that we we saw in the film, "A Man for All Seasons".

With his many wives and ex-wives, he got rid of those he no longer favoured by sending them to the Towers (of London) and "off with their heads"! That is a very nice solution for unwanted exs ......... :-)

As the young Henry the VIII, he spent half his time in bed being half-naked rogering his wenches!!!

He is really looking his best here at his best. Looking like that, he can climb into my bed anytime!!!

Even slouching, he looks absolutely gorgeous!!

Oh, for a nibble at that nipple peeking out!!! *Drools*

For more images of
Jonathan Rhys Meyers, take a look at JRMfansite or JRMOnline.

I have seen a number of his films and Bend It Like Beckham was the only film I like.

The others were just to watch him being good-looking!! In Velvet Goldmine , we did get to see Rhys locked lips with Ewan McGregor! Interestingly though, according to his Match Point co-star, Scarlett Johansson, she said that he's too much of a girl and cited his "effeminate qualities" of loving shoes and gossiping. *HORRORS*

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