Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kisses from the Soaps

For many of us hooked on the two currently running soaps "As the World Turns" (US) and "Hollyoaks" (UK), one can really see the difference in the handling of gay relationships on public television between the more conservative American and the more open British TV medias.

You can see that from the handling of the kissing scenes - the more "chaste" US soap and the more racy UK soap!

In ATWT, the kiss between Noah and Luke seen on 17th August 2007 was a first in an American soap. That kiss was just a kiss - without the passion that one expects. There was also a minimal display of bare skin...

In UK, gay kisses on TV are no longer an issue and Hollyoaks showed the passions between the two young lovers - Craig and John Paul. Their first kiss seen on 16th of May 2007 is much more passionate. The story continue on with more kisses, more skin and more bed scenes!

The "As the World Turns" Kiss

The "Hollyoaks" Kiss

I prefer watching Hollyoak to ATWT as I felt that the storyline in Hollyoaks is so much stronger and the actors get to play stronger/meatier roles. However, the gay segment of the Hollyoaks Soap (the Craig/John Paul Story) is coming to a conclusion this Wednesday or Thursday.

I will have to stop work those mornings to watch the final episodes .... their many fans are bawling their hearts out over what may be happening to Craig and John Paul. We all love a good cry .... :-)

For us fans, the end of the Craig/John Paul Story means that we now have to switch over to ATWT for consolation.....

In ATWT, the Noah/Luke Story is still continuing with Noah just being outted. There is still some run in their story.

Happy Viewing!

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At 6:11 PM, Blogger Queer Ranter said...

I absolutely love gay dramas. I need to watch more especially these two. Wonder where can I download them...

At 6:41 PM, Blogger East-West said...

I do not think you can find any DLs of entire episode of either show.

However, the gay story lines had been lifted from the full episodes and then presented as separate storylines which you can download from YouTube

For Hollyoaks, da33431 has compile some 133 (as of today) segments (5-10 mins) of the JP/Craig storyline. Search for da33431 on YouTube. His compilation is probably the best.

For ATWT, similarly, LukeVanFan has complie some 58 parts (to
date) of the Noah/Luke story line.
Search for LukeVanFan on YouTube.

Great soaps!


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